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By Andy Smith

YUROZ spoke to me about his reasons for creating YUROZONE® and what he hopes to accomplish with this website. He said that he wanted it to be more than an update about current and upcoming works. YUROZONE®, as does everything YUROZ creates, seeks to imbue everyone who experiences it with a zest for life and a passion for the sensual mysteries of art. What follows are excerpts from that conversation:

Every work of art has its own energy. Whether it lies in the smooth curves of a sculpture, or the heat and rhythm of a piece of music, or the tone and color of a painting, that energy defines the environment of the art. The work exists in a space of its own. When we peer at it through our spiritual window, we cross over that threshold and become part of that energy.

Paintings in particular have a special kind of energy, because we are able to experience them through so many different senses. When we see two lovers embrace, we remember the moment we wrapped a special person in our arms and believed that feeling would last forever.

In the painting, it does. We follow the lines of their bodies -- the contented posture of the legs, the intimate clasp of the arms, the anticipation of a kiss on the lips -- and retain the sensations of lovers past on our own skin. We hear the music of their romance, the rhythm of their heartbeats, and we know at once whether their song is a slow melody or a fast, feverish crescendo. We have become as much a part of the painting as the oils on the canvas.

We are the art, and the art is us.

Once we have made that connection, the work is no longer a two-dimensional representation, or even three-dimensional. Our personal participation in the art's effect renders it beyond the measurable constraints of time and space. For us the moment is suspended in time, and the energy is as great as our souls will allow.

All of us should explore the possibilities that art offers us to expand our minds, to enrich our passions and to view our lives as colorful, imaginative and courageous. The ecstasy of art is that the energy is more powerful than we are. It originates from a higher plane than that in which we live our daily lives. Through the art, we are able to access more potent sources of consciousness and emotion. Because of the art, we become more than we are.

We have created YUROZONE® as more than a website, but rather an art-in-progress by itself, because we hope to develop its environment as one where supporters, collectors and other art lovers can come together and share an illuminating, enlightening experience. By exchanging our stories about the art -- by sharing the inspiration that demanded the art be created in the first place -- YUROZONE® will allow people to shape the energy they already are a part of.

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