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Dance with the Pomegranates”,

2016-02-29 09:50



Creating heirloom work with time-honored techniques and archival qualities that celebrate the basic human conditions and emotions has been the backbone of Yuroz’s work. Symbolism is continuously deployed in Yuroz’s work during the last three decades, allowing the artist to pack a lot of information and convey thethemes of the stories he tells within the confines of his canvases and sculptural bodies. 



Centuries of accumulated traditions were captured by iconography of the ancient world. Mythological Renaissance paintings revived and developed iconography with its own conventions. These images created in this branch of art present an incredible sense of balance between a palette of basic colors and the multi-dimensional coalescing of simple lines, curves and shades. Every piece of work in this genre exudes elegance and glamor accentuated by the warmth from the gold surface. 


It just seems natural for Yuroz to create the Yuroz Icono Collection after studying European, Byzantine and Russian iconography and the work of iconographers. “I was drawn to it and felt compelled to infuse my knowledge and skills with elements from that genre, morphing my work to a new magnitude while hopefully preserving my core message to continue to celebrate the human spirit,” says Yuroz. 



“Dance with the Pomegranates” honors the connection between a man and a woman and exemplifies the quintessence of their togetherness. With pomegranates in her hands, she offers power and her fertile strength. 

She dances almost in ecstasy under the music composed by his creative spirit. Seemingly in a state of trance, still with her eyes wide open, she connects her feminine delicacy to the tapestry of his dreams. 

He serenades his love, playing music of their connected souls. With love so strong, the guitar needs no strings, as he strums music discernible only by his lover. 

United in their thoughts, the man and woman yearn to taste the fruit of their passion from their perpetual cycle of love. 


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