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"Romance Suite " (Suite of 4)

"Romance Suite " (Suite of 4)
"Romance Suite " (Suite of 4)
Size Group:
9"x 12 to 24" x 30"
Actual Size:
15" x 19"


"Romance Suite " (Suite of 4)

"Romance " (1 of 4)

Lovers are drawn to one another by "Romance," a mystical quality to relationships that encompasses the physical, emotional and intellectual. The woman leans against the man's chest, loosing herself in his overwhelming presence. After an evening of wine, perhaps even an exchange of affectionate conversation, the woman has given him her pomegranate - her secret, private self. Where this moment will take them is unclear, but they are in no hurry. They relax in each other's company and enjoy the smooth, easy flow of time.

Edition size 90

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