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"Romance Suite " (Suite of 4)

"Romance Suite " (Suite of 4)
"Romance Suite " (Suite of 4)
Size Group:
9"x 12 to 24" x 30"
Actual Size:
15" x 19"


"Romance Suite " (Suite of 4)

"Music " (3 of 4)

The power of "Music" is its ability to soothe us with its beauty, and in the process enable us to recognize the beauty in ourselves. The musician holds his guitar in one arm, almost as if displaying his instrument's perfect form, while the woman cradles her pomegranate in her hand. The cat crouches on her lap, a promise of domestic contentment, as they move closer for the tender exchange. The lovers put an arm around each other and listen to the music in their hearts.

Edition size 90

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