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In the Garden

In the Garden
In the Garden
Size Group:
9"x 12 to 24" x 30"
Actual Size:

Serigraph on
White Paper 32" X 26" PRICE: $ 800
Black Paper 32" X 26" PRICE: $ 800
Clayboard 24" X 18" PRICE: $ 2,500

The cycle of romantic love revolves like the seasons "In the Garden." The man plays his violin, offering himself and his spirit to the beautiful woman at his feet. She in turn offers her roses -- her love, life and hope -- in the exchange. After their passionate union, she in her crown of roses suggests something more permanent. Once he agrees, she blossoms like a tree in the sunshine. His love has given roots and a yearling to grow heavenward. But once they have spent some time together, and perhaps even raised children, she must descend and remember how to be the woman she still is. She is naked and vulnerable, her rose between two slender fingertips in one hand, as she contemplates the fruit of herself in the other. As she draws closer to the man, the angel reminds her of the bounty of delights he has given her in the past. And so she returns, listening to his blessed music, to take a whirl around the circle once more.

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